charlie macquarie

I am an artist, archivist, and experimental librarian. I work with landscape, infrastructure, documentation, and collection to probe the nuances of archives, history, and identity in the fraught and often racist Western USA.

I make digital and physical libraries as the Library of Approximate Location, and I install them down dirt roads around California, Nevada, Utah, and beyond. I'd love to come install one near you, so please invite me.

I formerly co-presented PLACE TALKS, a visual lecture series on location that takes place at the Prelinger Library, with Nicole Lavelle. Speaking of the Prelinger Library, I am also a librarian in residence there. (I am currently on hiatus from hosting, but I will be back!)

I make money by working as an archivist, specifically as the Digital Archivist at the University of California, San Francisco. As part of this I spend a lot of time working with other UC Archivists to make helpful documentation for people in our field. Some recent work that I'm especially proud of is this and this.

I am suspicious of the archive

* * *